The Free Website Development Program

  • Websites usually take anywhere between INR 1 Lakh to over 10 lakhs to develop depending upon how much thought, effort, time, energy is required to bring ideas to life.

  • More often than not, organizations starting up need to be frugal and want a decently good looking website that just works.

  • After some time when the org has more financial freedom to dream big and invest in more features and custom tailored design.

What is free?

Development effort required to deliver your first wordpress website for free.
Consultation and brainstorming with you to determine what needs to be built.
One week of support post delivery.

What you will have to pay for?

Domain registration (annual rental for the domain name you choose)
Hosting (the server where the website will be hosted)
Template / Theme (if a paid one is chosen)
Pictures, (if paid ones are chosen)

Our Promise

No lock-in ever
we will turn over all credentials(passwords), code and artifacts pertaining to your website.
Documentation regarding how things are configured.
A walk through about how you can make minor modifications to your website without contacting us.

Why are we doing it for free?

To earn some goodwill, establish a relationship.
A little bit of space on the footer of your website.

Support Plan

  • You are under no obligation to hire us for maintenance.
  • Normally the site will just function without needing any intervention.
  • We will host it freely on our servers.
  • However, starting at an affordable monthly retainer of INR 15,000 we can be available 24x7 we can take complete ownership of the websites maintenance and uptime.
  • PS: This plan does not cover any modification to existing features or new development.