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What we do for our clients.


Create user-friendly and intuitive software solutions that deliver an exceptional user experience.


Build custom software solutions using cutting-edge technology and best practices.


Streamline software development processes with automation and continuous integration and delivery.


Transform data into strategic advantage with our expertise in data engineering, machine learning, and AI.


Our clients' experiences and feedback are essential to us. We're honored to share their stories with you. Their encouraging words are what motivate us to keep striving for excellence.

Impressed ...

" I was impressed by the long term thinking of Essentia folks and their ability to create solutions which are reusable and generic in nature which helped us scale from 30K odd users to 250K users with ease.”
Anand Mishra
CTO at Analytics Vidhya

Pleasure working with Essentia

"Essentia Softserv's professionalism and technical capabilities were extremely impressive. They were quick to understand our complex system and it was a pleasure working with them.”
Arastu Zakia
Chief Product Officer at Careers360

Technical debt avoided

"Whenever we got ourselves in a tangle we would video link. Consequently we were able to evolve with the security of knowing that we were using industry best practices, and avoiding incurring technical debt.”
Zorawar Purohit
Director at AstraTechz

Brilliant ...

"Excellent team, fabulous timely delivery. These are brilliant at going beyond the basics and delivering world class scalable technology. I am certain to build more with them ahead.”
Pi (Sam King)
CTO at CueAudio

Highly Recommended

"Anuvrat solved my AWS configuration issue quickly while educating me on the contents of these files. Very impressed with how quickly he jumped in and was able to problem solve. Highly recommend working with him.”
Jeremiah Parrack
CEO at Jeremiah Parrack LLC

The Essentia team is a bunch of pros.

"They're not only knowledgeable and skilled, they are intellectually engaged in the problem and want to develop a sophisticated and scalable solution. We've been loving working with them and plan to continue to do so as we grow.”
Dr. Anzar Abbas, PhD.
Founder of a stealth startup.

Look no further!

"Clients, look no further! Essentia is a highly professional, communicative, and efficient team. They delivered high-quality software on time and on budget, and I highly recommend their services.”
Vijay Yadav
CTO @ Stealth

Impressive team skill!

" We've been with Essentia for over 10 years. They have an impressive team skilled in modern dev languages, are able to onboard and bring value quickly, and communicate effectively to deliver high quality products.”
Dr. Thomas Barus
Barus Consulting